Sunday, February 1, 2009

E is for Evidence

E is for Evidence by Sue Grafton

I have continued my trip through Grafton's alphabet series with E is for Evidence and have fallen back in love with Kinsey Millhone after not being very happy with D. This time Kinsey is working for herself after she is framed and it seems like she has taken a bribe from the Wood/Warren company. And to make matters worse it is Christmas and the usually happily independent Kinsey is longing for some human interaction.

The trail leads her to the wealthy Wood family, whose children she went to high school with and who have been hiding a terrible secret. I usually can guess these secrets (blame it on too many years of mystery novels and marathons of Law and Order) but I never saw this one coming. Things get muddled even further when Kinsey's ex-husband shows up, wanting to make amends and promising he is no longer a junkie.

After a bomb goes off, killing one of the Wood daughters and putting Kinsey in the hospital the whole case starts to unravel. I read from the bomb to the end of the book unable to put it down...thus not getting to sleep until 3 a.m. But as is always the case Kinsey tracks down the killer, nearly gets herself killed, but comes out the other end while the killer gets taken away in handcuffs...or a body bag. Only this time it cost her the garage she called an apartment. Bombs can be pesky like that.

I really liked this book, probably because it focused so much on Kinsey and her own personal feelings and flaws and as has been stated a few times on this blog I really love her. The downside no Jonah. He was once again off trying to fix things with his wife. Why? doesn't he know Kinsey is way better?

Favorite quote: "I have to confess that in the privacy of my own home, I burst in to tears and wept with frustration for six minutes flat. The I went to work"
- This is Kinsey to a T. And why I love her

and because I couldn't pick just one this time.
"Being rejected is burdensome that way. You're left with emotional baggage you unload on everyone else. It's not just the fact of betrayal, but the person you become...usually not very nice."
those darn ex husbands!

Up next: Either The Hot Flash Club or F is for Fugitive. I can't decide.

This book counts toward my Library Challenge

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