Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stephen vs. Stephanie

Apparently Stephen King thinks Stephanie Meyer "can't write worth a darn."

Now I am not saying whether I agree or disagree with King, because it is completely beside the point. The point is...well, I'm not sure what the point it actually. Why does it matter what Stephen King thinks of Meyer? So what, if he doesn't like her writing. I really don't understand why anyone cares if he likes her writing or not.

What's the old adage...if you don't have anything nice to say...

On a completely unrelated Stephen King note let me say this, I don't read his books because I am a big scaredy cat. I have tried, and I always end up scared out of my mind. But as a book lover I respect the man's talent. Which is why I was really excited to learn that he is a huge college basketball fan and used to be a season ticket holder for the men's and women's Northeastern basketball teams. There are a ton of pictures in my office of him at games. He gave up his season tickets well before I started working there but the pictures are pretty cool.

1 comment:

prophecygirl said...

I don't agree with what he said, but that's not why I had a problem with what he said. I just thought it was very unprofessional!

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