Sunday, February 8, 2009

F is for Fugitive

F is for Fugitive by Sue Grafton

Am I starting to sound like a broken record? I loved this book. Just like I have loved all the other books in the alphabet series. In F is for Fugitive Kinsey is living with her landlord Henry while her apartment is being rebuilt (you know, because it was blown to bits in E is for Evidence) and he is smothering her. The ever independent Kinsey doesn't like being doted on so she is quick to take on a case in San Luis Obispo.

(side note: a very dear friend of mine works at Cal Poly and when the campus was mentioned in this book I got very happy! Miss you Steph!)

In SLO Kinsey is working for the Fowler family. The son Bailey has been serving jail time for supposedly killing his ex-girlfriend but had escaped and was living a very quiet life for 17 years when he was picked up and put back in jail. Now, with both his parents dying, Bailey is determined to clear his name.

What Kinsey discovers is that the girl he supposedly killed, Jean Timberlake, was no angel and her mother didn't have a good reputation either. In a town full of secrets it is hard to find the truth and the real killer. Could it be the principal who was having an affair with Jean? The doctor who was having an affair with Jean's mother? Bailey's best friend Tap? The local bar owner and his son? The local priest? So many options and everyone has something to hide.

This was a great mystery and I really couldn't decide who was lying about Jean's death and who was just trying to cover up something else. I really liked the characters in this novel and can really relate to the feel of the small town. But I really want Kinsey back to solving crimes in Santa Teresa because something is always missing when she isn't with Henry, Rosie or Jonah.

Up Next: I already started Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty and I have a huge selection for whatever comes after that. I really can't decide.

This book counts toward my Library Challenge

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Anonymous said...

My friend and I love this series! We listened to them in the car on the way to and from school almost everyday for two years.

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