Monday, March 9, 2009

Musing Mondays - New Authors

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What is your policy when it comes to new authors? Do you feel comfortable purchasing a book or do you prefer to borrow new authors from the library? How often do you 'try out' a new author?

While I do have a few authors I go back to constantly, they span every genre imaginable. I will be at a bookstore to get books by James Patterson or Jen Lancaster the day they come out but it is my extremely varied tastes that make it essential for me to constantly try new authors.

If I pick up a book in the bookstore it is usually because it is on a display next to something I already like or because I really like the cover. I am very simple this way, if the cover gets my attention I will probably read it. I don't care if the book is by someone who I have never heard of or not. Lately I have been getting all my new authors from the library but that is because I am broke, not because I don't want to own their books. I am also getting all my favorite authors from the library, so it goes with an empty wallet.

I try out new authors almost constantly. With all the amazing books out there how can you only read authors you already know? and for that matter won't you feel a little dumb when someone points out to you that at some point that author was new to you?

Here are some of the authors that were new to me until recently and I adored. I would be very sad if I hadn't given them a chance.
Justina Chen Headley
Jennifer Echols
Megan McCafferty
Scott Westerfeld

What is your policy on new authors?


Beth F said...

I hope to finally get to Westerfeld this month!

Lisa said...

I'm also constantly reading books by new authors. Hillary Jordan and Jayne Pupek are at the top!

Jessica Kennedy said...

I'm cool with new authors, however, I do find that I tend to still with my comfort zone. I have a ton of authors that I love with very good series so I usually don't have the time to try something new.

However, I follow a ton of blogs and I hear awesome things about new authors so I do end up reading new authors quite a bit.

Of course, an amazing cover can help a ton! I've picked up or am stalking quite a few books recently due to their beautiful and captivating covers.

Jenners said...

I share your recklessness by reading something based only on the cover! And I don't share your love of James Patterson but I am interested in trying Jen Lancaster -- i've heard good things about her!

caite said...

Yes, I won't share my opinion of Patterson
But I agree there are just so many, many great great books and great authors out there, just waiting for me to find them. :-)

kaye said...

my musings are similar. Why limit yourself when there is so much to enjoy.

Nise' said...

Love to discover new authors and thank you for your recommendations, I have not tried them yet.

Dar said...

I love reading new authors. I'd never just stick to well known ones. I think you'd miss out on a lot of great books that way. I'm like you though, if a cover is nice I'll pick it up and if it sounds good I'll want to read it.

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