Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thursday Thoughts - Childhood Memories

Play along with Thursday Thoughts!

What are your earliest childhood memories? How old were you at the time? Why do you think those memories are what stayed? How are those memories important to you?

I am going to keep this book related and talk about my first book memories. Before I could read myself I used to make my grandmother read to me and I always wanted her to read Winnie The Pooh. From what I am told I made her read it millions of times but I just remember reading it hundreds of times. I also remember one of the first books I got as a gift was a Winnie The Pooh cookbook that I still have and although most of the recipes are really silly I love having it.

I am not sure how old I was for any of this but they stayed with me because I love the time I spent with my grandmother. She is the person in my family I am closest with and I spent a lot of time with her when I was a child and my mother was working.


ANovelMenagerie said...

I LOVE your new header! Looks great! Thanks for the post! I loved it!

Ladytink_534 said...

I didn't discover the original (non-Disney influenced) Pooh stories until much later but that is a nice memory :)

ANovelMenagerie said...

I posted my answer to this week's question. In case you want to check it out, it's


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