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Audrey, Wait by Robin Benway

Audrey, Wait by Robin Benway


When funny, charming, absolutely-normal Audrey Cuttler dumps her boyfriend Evan, he writes a song about her that becomes a number-one hit-and rockets Audrey to stardom!

Suddenly, tabloid paparazzi are on her tail and Audrey can barely hang with her friends at concerts or the movies without getting mobbed-let alone score a date with James, her adorable coworker at the Scooper Dooper. Her life will never be the same-at least, not until Audrey confronts Evan live on MTV and lets the world know exactly who she is!


Let me preface this with the fact that I knew absolutely nothing about this book when I first picked it up. I had seen the cover on a few blogs and In My Mailbox posts and since it is kinda hard to miss I remembered it but I never actually knew what it was about. So when I popped in to the library last week I recognized the cover and grabbed it without even reading the description. Basically, I started reading this book with no idea that it would be amazing!

I devoured this book in two sittings (and it would have been one if it weren't for this pesky job thing). This book was fun and entertaining and with the added music element I thoroughly enjoyed every page. Audrey becomes famous overnight when her exboyfriend writes a song about her and it launches him in to super stardom.

Audrey, Wait is written in such a relatable way that you feel every emotion Audrey feels and can't help but take every step of her journey with her. Even when I knew she was wrong and picking fights with her awesome best friend and new boyfriend I was still on her side because I really connected with her. Audrey is a normal teenager trying to stay sane in an insane situation and the story is wickedly funny.

Even better than Audrey are the background characters. Her best friend Victoria is sassy and hilarious and has all the best lines in the book. And she is a real best friend, she doesn't sugar coat anything with Audrey but shows with a hammer when CDs need to be broken (just read the book and this reference will make sense). And Audrey's new boyfriend James is everything a dorky non-musician should be and I want him to be more than a fictional character.

As soon as I finished this book I looked up Benway to see what other genius she has given to the world and was sad to see this is her only book. So go hassle her on her blog and let her know more books are needed.

For now, I need to go make a playlist of all the awesome music referenced in this book!

Favorite quotes:

"I'm a sucker for cute boys with guitars, as you may have noticed, but throw in a London accent and I'll happily sell my soul without a second thought"

"The jack and cokes had definitely made the flirting part of the night
easier. Whoever had mixed them deserved a medal."

This book counts toward my Library Challenge


Bingo said...

Great review..sounds like a fun book to kick back with. And congrats on winning the contest over on my BINGO site. I added your blog to my list as I have visited here but don't know why I never did before. I also added your blog to my article that has you in the headline. Your hard word and persistence should be rewarded...wish it were more than 3 books but hope you enjoy them. Thanks for the email and will get them out tomorrow! Bingo

H said...

Pesky job things have a bad habit of interrupting good books =) I ahevn't read this one but it looks good.

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Awesome review! I read this book a few months back and absolutely LOVED it! It was one where I was laughing out loud and looking like a crazy person to those around me. I agree, even when Audrey was in the wrong, you were still on her side. And Victoria...haha, oh she had me dying in some parts. I can't wait for Robin Benway to get another book out!

And I seen your comment on one of the contests, I fixed the link, but here is the site:

Steph Su said...

I loved this book and I'm so glad you liked it too! It made me crack up so many times.

JRTR said...

Love the boys with guitars quote. This author could totally be one of our friends!

Bookworm said...

I love the premise of this one and the bright cover--cool! I'll look into it! And great review!

Ladytink_534 said...

From what I've heard so far about this book it reminds me a little of the movie Uptown Girl but better. I'll have to place a hold on this!

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