Friday, March 6, 2009

Some amazing contests

As always I will add to this through the week so check back

GC from All In A Mom's Life. Ends March 11
Shadowed Summer bookmark and surprise! from Read This Book. Ends March 13
March's second giveaway from Juciliciousss Reviews. Ends March 14
666 or Love is Hell from The Not So Closet Geek. Ends March 15
What Would Emma Do? from The Not So Closet Geek. Ends March 16
Mommy relax giveaway from A-Priori Mommy. Ends March 16
How to Hook A Hottie from The Not So Closet Geek. Ends March 17
Breathing from Cheryl Renee Herbsman. Ends March 19
Twilight giveaway from Frugal Upstate. Ends March 20
hey-a-contest-would-be-fun-why-the-heck-not? contest from Lindsey Leavitt. Ends March 20 - I WON
3 books from For The Love of Books. Ends March 21
(Make sure and say I sent you!)
March's third contest from Juciliciousss Reviews. Ends March 21
Evermore from Book Reviews by Jess. Ends March 22
The Life and Crimes of Bernetta Wallflower from Mrs. Magoo Reads. Ends March 23
Blogiversary giveaway from Karin's Book Nook. Ends March 27
Say The Word from One Grape Shy. Ends March 28
3 books from Carries YA Bookshelf. Ends March 31
What Would Emma Do from Genevieve. Ends March 31
Violet in Private from Bookworm Readers. Ends April 1
My Life in Pink and Green from Bookworm Readers. Ends April 1
Blogiversary giveaway from Green Bean Teen Queen. Ends April 1
The Carol's So Happy She Is In Florida giveaway from Bookluver-Carol. Ends April 1
Godmother from Bookin Mama. Ends April 3
Mackenzie Lost and Found from Sarah's Random Musings. Ends April 4
Ten Pack ARC giveaway from The Story Siren. Ends April 7


Jeannine said...

Thank you!!!!

lindsey-leavitt said...

And you're one of the winners for my contest!
Email me at lindsey leavitt at yahoo dot com and I'll let you know what prizes are available.

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