Sunday, March 22, 2009

What Should I Read Next Poll Results

A HUGE thank you to the 26 people who voted in my What Should I Read Next poll? It is so cool that there are 26 people on the planet who actually read this blog. (I am still convinced only my sister and best friend actually read it even though you wonderful people leave comments all the time!) Now here are the results:

The Season - 6
The Forest of Hands and Teeth - 6
Shadowed Summer - 1
Dust of 100 Dogs - 5
Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side - 8

So I am reading Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side next! I am currently in the middle of Evernight but as soon as I am done I will start Jessica's Guide. I am really excited to read it!

I liked doing this and might do another in a few weeks. What do you think?


Steph Su said...

Being able to help fellow bloggers choose what to read is always fun for us readers! I think you should do it again! Oh, and enjoy Jessica's Guide. If you can't tell from the review I posted of it earlier today, I liked it. A lot. :)

Catherine (On The Nightstand) said...

Ooh, all of those look really good - I can see why one would need help picking what to read next!

Shalonda said...

Yay! Can't wait to see what you think.

I've got an award waiting for you on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side is really good. I hope you enjoy it!

Jenners said...

I say do another! It was fun!

Lenore said...

Forget the majority and go with Dust of 100 Dogs. It's the best!

Ladytink_534 said...

Sounds like a good idea. I may have to do it on my blog eventually too. I believe I voted for The Forest of Hands and Teeth but looking forward to your other review just the same :)

Luanne said...

Sorry I didn't get here in time to vote - but I think it's a cool idea. And yep there's more than your sister and best friend reading!

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