Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kiss My Book

Kiss my Book by Jamie Michaels

I was at the library searching for something very different from what I found and what I found was this little gem of a teen novel. The snarky title made me giggle so I just had to read it. And I liked it so much I named my blog after it, so thank you Jamie Michaels. OK, so it won't win any major awards or top the best sellers list but I sat down on a Friday night with a cup of tea and this book and four hours later I had read the whole thing and was happy with how I spent my evening.

Ruby Crane gets published, and famous, as a high school sophomore and when her life seems perfect she is accused of plagiarism. And this is when the book really starts. She runs away to upstate New York...where I am from a town as small as the one she hides...and settles in. She makes a friend, meets a boy, reforms the small town and faces her demons and has her life neatly cleaned up in 288 pages.

Like I said, not a literary masterpiece but I like reading about a girl who loves books and uses them to help people after her life falls apart. And it was the perfect book to read in one sitting. It is the only book by Jamie Michaels but I kind of hope there are more.

This book counts toward my Library Challenge

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