Sunday, January 25, 2009

Accidental It Girl

Accidental It Girl by Libby Street

Sadie Price is a New York photographer and people hate her. At least that is the first line of the book and I was hooked from there. It isn't any fault in her personality, although she is a little bit guarded, its that people tend to hate members of the paparazzi. She lives with her two best friends, loves her job and prizes her 1979 Camaro, left to her by her father when he passes away. But her life is thrown into a tailspin when she tracks down movie star Ethan Wyatt at the airport and can't seem to take his picture. Afraid she is losing her mojo she follows him to a restaurant where she gets a picture of him in a very precarious position. After that Ethan decides to turn the tables on Sadie, making her the object of the paparazzi attention and New York's newest "it" girl.

I loved this book and the characters in it. Sadie is great in her sarcastic moments and hilarious in her guarded moments. She breaks up with her boyfriend when he gives her a toothbrush to keep at his apartment and she lives on poptarts and cereal. Her friends are great additions to the book and the appearance of her distant mother makes for great internal moments. Plus I really think that the paparazzi and actor switching places is brilliant.

I didn't love the mock newspaper columns that appeared in between chapters but they didn't bother me too much either. I just could have lived without them.

Favorite quote: "Why is it that people think of the heart as this infallible GPS device? Isn't it just as possible that your heart gives bad directions? I mean, if it were really that accurate, wouldn't we all be consulting our hearts instead of Mapquest? Like, 'Hmmm, we need to get downtown. Hold on, let me consult my heart for the most direct route.'"

Up Next: I really can't decide. I have a lot of options as seen by my In My Mailbox post. We'll see what strikes my fancy after I watch the SAG awards and cheer for Kate Winslet to win everything. I do love her and she looks so amazing in her blue dress tonight.

This book counts toward my Library Challenge

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Nicole said...

That sounds like a great book, I can't wait to check it out!
I'm so lucky to live next door to Chapters... lol

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