Sunday, January 18, 2009


I refused to do it. I refused to read the Twilight series. I am not really sure why, maybe a fierce loyalty to Harry Potter or the fact that vampires were never really my favorite supernatural creature but I finally broke down and read the series. All fours books in less than a week. What can I say, when I get into something I really go full tilt. And here is what I think, they are pretty good. I understand why teenagers everywhere are in love with Edward and Jacob (and if I were still 15 I would be a card-carrying member of team Jacob) and why Stephanie Meyer is making a damn killing.

However, because I read them all so fast I have a hard time separating them in to four books. It also does not help that I decided to do this blog after I had read them. Damn my bad timing. While I find Bella a bit whiny in the first book for me everything picks up when Jacob is developed in the second book. And certainly my favorite part of the series is told from Jacob's perspective in Breaking Dawn.

I also read the first twelve chapters of Midnight Sun that Meyer posted to her website after it was illegally leaked. If she ever decides to finish it I will read it just because I have invested this much time in the series already but I didn't really care for it told from Edward's perspective. I guess I can connect more easily to Bella than Edward.

I think I may have been an obsessive fan if I had read these books when I was 15 but at 22 they lack a little something for me.

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