Tuesday, January 20, 2009

C is for Corpse

C is for Corpse by Sue Grafton

So far C is definitely my favorite in the alphabet series. Kinsey is hired by a young guy she meets at the gym (where she is rehabbing after getting shot in B) and when he ends up dead just a few days later Kinsey is determined to find out why. And suspects are everywhere from his stepfather and anorexic step sister to the parents of his best friend who died in a car accident that was meant for him.

There was just something about Bobby Callahan that Kinsey felt the need to help him, and it was the same thing that had me attached to this book. I needed to know what had happened to get Bobby killed and it certainly wasn't what I expected. I was a little disappointed I figured out who killed him so early (the doctor) but I NEVER saw the motive coming, now that was a twist (Bobby was in love with the doc's wife). And I certainly never would have guessed where the murder weapon was hidden (inside a John Doe corpse at the morgue).

And of course Kinsey almost gets herself killed tracking down the doc. There is a little more Jonah in C but not enough for me. He is back with his wife but I can't imagine it stays that way for long.

Up next: D is for Deadbeat and then I think I might switch gears for a few books. All the murder mysteries are making me jumpy. I about had a heart attack when my mom came in to say goodnight.

This book counts toward my Library Challenge

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