Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Real World connections

So the other night on twitter I got in to a random conversation with the lovely Heidi R Kling and Eleni of La Femme Readers about my connection with a certain Real World New Orleans cast member. With a little urging from them (and a little need to fill some blog space this week while I am on vacation) I give you: How I know Ashlee from the Real World.

As I have mentioned before I recently moved to NC and work in college athletics. Well I got started on this particular career path while in college in Boston. I loved my time at Northeastern University and became very close with a lot of the student athletes while I worked in athletics throughout my time as a student. One of them was a women's basketball player: Ashlee!

Ashlee was also a communications major while I was studying journalism so some classes overlapped and we both worked for the student radio station. For a big school we ran in some pretty small circles. Now she is the sane one on this season of the Real World and it is hilarious to see her on television every week.
Me and Ashlee last May and then me and Ashlee with two of NU's men's basketball players Manny and Chris

Here is her profile from MTV Meet Ashlee: "Meet twenty-three year old single girl basketball player Ashlee."

So there is my fun story for the day. Do you know anyone who randomly ended up on reality television?


Eleni @ La Femme Readers said...

That's too awesome!

Jules said...

That's a fun story! I don't know anybody who's been on a reality show, but my sister-in-law to be used to date Landon from The Real World Philly. That's the best I can do! If I keep eating like I did today though, you may see me on The Biggest Loser! :)

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