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Grace by Elizabeth Scott: Traveling ARC Tours

Grace by Elizabeth Scott

Grace was raised to be an Angel, a herald of death by suicide bomb. But she refuses to die for the cause, and now Grace is on the run, daring to dream of freedom.

In search of a border she may never reach, she travels among malevolent soldiers on a decrepit train crawling through the desert. Accompanied by the mysterious Kerr, Grace struggles to be invisible, but the fear of discovery looms large as she recalls the history and events that delivered her uncertain fate.


I never thought I would pick up a YA book about a suicide bomber and devour it in one sitting. Elizabeth Scott has crafted an incredibly original novel about a young girl born in to the type of ideological war that engulfs so much of the world and makes her story relatable, moving and downright brilliant.

Grace is on a train with a stranger, Kerr, both hiding in plain sight as they try to get to the border and escape their death-filled lives. As the plot moves forward, Scott peels back layer after layer of their pasts and how they have been intertwined for years.

Scott’s writing is minimal and poetic, revealing only the exact details that somehow form the big pictures. This is a piece of art where the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts.

Grace is engaging and moving enough to be read for pleasure but also smart and insightful enough that I can see it being read in both history and English classes. It has genuine insight in to an all-to-relevant world and an ending that will leave you both hopeful and haunted.

Grace will be released on September 16. ARC was reviewed as part of Traveling ARC Tours.
This book goes toward my Summer Break Reading Challenge


Manga Maniac said...

Great review! I have been avoiding this one, but I will give it a try now :)

Mrs. DeRaps said...

This is one of the reads that I am looking forward to the most! I think that this is such a fresh concept. Thanks for sharing your review!

Shy said...

Hi there! I'm here from the CEP.

I've only read one book by Scott before, Love You Hate You Miss You. And like you, I am SO pleasantly surprise by her writing. The way she captured emotions in little words are just amazing. I think I'll be picking up Grace as soon as I possibly can!

Darlyn said...

Wow..Raise by angel?Wicked!I love engaging stories and this one definitely one on my TBR list!

Blueicegal ♥ said...

ive been seeing this one a lot lately sounds like a great book!

Malbebe said...

Everyone has been saying great things about this book. I like how your review flows nicely. I'm now following your blog. :) and I'm stopping by from the comment exchange program.

ReggieWrites said...

Nice review! I have Grace in my TBR and am excited to delve into it! I've never read a book about a suicide bomber before and this all sounds something really refreshing and original from the usual =) Great review! It was very descriptive and intimate as well =)

Kelli (I'd So Rather Be Reading) said...

Very nice review there! It sounds like a great read.

Adriana said...

This is one I wasn't sure about, but after reading so many positive reviews I'll definitely have to read it when it comes out.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

What an amazing cover! This sounds good!

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