Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eat Pray Love 3 or What's Your Word?

Having finished Italy discuss what the first phase of the journey has been like. Something fun could be that in Chapter 33 while sitting in an outdoor cafĂ© in Rome, Gilbert’s friend declares that every city—and every person—has a word. Rome’s is “sex,” the Vatican’s “power”; Gilbert declares New York’s to be “achieve,” but only later stumbles upon her own word, antevasin, Sanskrit for “one who lives at the border.” What is your word? Is it possible to choose a word that retains its truth for a lifetime?

The first part of the book is so much about her healing in Italy. She has to learn how to smile, laugh and enjoy life again before she can really begin the hard stuff. I love this part of the book because she fights her depression and just does what I wish I could do. Travels around Italy, learning the language (of which I have a basic knowledge), eating the food and just enjoying the country. I firmly believe we would have a lot less depression if we could all treat it this way.

As for my word, I have spent a lot of time thinking about this since the first time I read the book. I have even asked my friends what my word is but of course I haven’t yet found the perfect one. I often end up back at fuerza, which is strength in Italian but it hasn’t seemed perfect yet. Trust me, when I do find my word I am getting it inked on my body somewhere. When I asked my friends a lot of them said independent. And while that feels close as well, it doesn’t feel quite right. Maybe part of it is that those are different words for different phases of my life and I am still looking for something all encompassing.

One particularly close friend said my word is sassy. I think that’s funny but there is no way I am owning it as my word.

The next part of the journey is totally different. And I hope you all enjoy!


RosieC said...

I wonder what you think of the quote of Plato's she gives on 113:

"No town can live peacefully, whatever its laws, when its citizens... do nothing but feast and drink and tire themselves out in the cares of love."

I'm excited to move into the Pray part. I have a real soft spot for Eastern religious philosophies.

Charlie said...

I'm only slightly jealous that you've read this book 8 times! :) I can't wait to read this book for this first time! I am so glad that you are reading it again with us! I did pick a word, but after reading everyone else's posts, I wonder why I picked mine so easily. Maybe this next part of the book will help me out with that. Happy Reading!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot think of a word for myself. It is driving me nuts, because how can I be without a word? Maybe I will come up with something today.

JohnPLee said...

Writing and reading more will ameliorate the English vocabulary in your mind, it will boost your spelling capacity and the ability to come up with new words.

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