Thursday, June 24, 2010

Watch Me by Brenda Novak


Sheridan Kohl was just a teenager parked at the lake in Whiterock, Tennessee with a boy named Jason when a stranger wearing a ski mask shot them both. Sheridan lived but Jason died--and the stranger was never caught. Twelve years later, by working at The Last Stand, Sheridan has learned a thing or two about investigating crime. She returns to Whiterock, intent on achieving answers at last.

But someone doesn’t want the truth to come out. Someone unexpected. Someone who is willing to resort to murder. Again.


This is the third book in Novak's Last Stand Series and it was my favorite book in the series. Sheridan is an incredibly likeable main character and her story was the hardest one for me to figure out so I just couldn't put the book down.

Sheridan was shot when she was a teenager and the boy she was with died. She immediately left the area and hadn't been back until she returns determined to solve the case. The book opens in a totally different way from the first two with Sheridan being attacked for the second time and fighting for her life. Cain, the brother of the boy who was shot along with Sheridan, comes to her rescue and sets off a crazy series of events.

As in the first two books there is a smoldering relationship between Cain and Sheridan but there is so much history that it is never simple but it is always interesting.

Cain's entire family is part of the story and the mystery and family dynamics almost always make for a great thriller and this is no exception. Every time I thought I had this one figured out there was a crazy turn that threw me (and Sheridan) off the trail.

As with the second book, Stop Me, I was a little sad that the book was set so far away from the Last Stand Headquarters but with a guest appearance by Skye I didn't mind it as much. Novak created yet another great mystery and I thoroughly enjoyed Watch Me.

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