Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Break Reading Challenge

In the spirit of getting back in to my blog I am going to jump in to a reading challenge. Karin of Karin's Book Nook is hosting the Summer Break Reading Challenge and I am all in. I like this because there isn't any kind of restriction. It is just reading over the summer break, and I am doing that anyway. Karin has set up a blog specific to the challenge so check it out and sign up!

I haven't decided yet what books I will be reading for this but I will post a list once I give it some thought.


JRTR said...

I am struggling to adjust to this whole grown up life thing - where Summer doesn't mean endless free time and lounging in the sun. However, I'll use any motivation to read more. I raided the YA section of B&N when I was on the phone with you after seeing Anoop, so I have a plethora of books to choose from. Any good ones I will send your way to help counter your library's lack of options if you want.

KarinLibrarian said...

Thanks for joining the Challenge. I can't wait to see what everyone reads.

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