Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eat Pray Love with me and The Book Vixen

A funny little happened on twitter yesterday. The Book Vixen asked about Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and I immediately started gushing about how much I love this book. Like serious, life-changing moments while reading it love. Turns out she was thinking about reading it as part of a book club and I would like to think I helped convince her so she has set up the book club on her blog. I think every female (and it probably wouldn't hurt the men either) should read this book. I will blog more about the serious impact this book had on me during the month of July but for now hurry over to the Book Vixen and sign up to read and chat along with us!

Reading will start on July 1st and go until the end of the month.

1 comment:

The Book Vixen said...

You reeled me in! LOL I hope it impacts me as much as it did you. I'm actually excited to start reading it :)

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