Sunday, April 5, 2009

In My Mailbox - My First Vlog!

As always In My Mailbox is hosted by the amazing The Story Siren. See her blog for more details.

Ok everyone, this is my first attempt at a vlog. Let me know what you think!

Books and People mentioned in vlog
Hope and Book Chic who both have AWESOME vlogs for IMM

A Walk Through A Window by KC Dyer
Mrs. Zephyrs Notebook by KC Dyer
KC Dyer's blog
Darby's blog

Books from The Book Muncher
13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson
Maureen Johnson's Blog Every Day April
Two Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt
Bloom by Elizabeth Scott
Elizabeth Scott's blog

From Lindsey Leavitt
The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

Willow by Julia Hoban

Willow contest at Shooting Stars Magazine
Getting To Know Willow blog

Korianne from Korianne Speaks

Me on twitter
My BEDA post

Ok, I think I linked to everything. What do you think? Do you like or should I stick to typing? Plus ask me anything for my next vlog, later in the week!


Korianne said...

Erika thanks so much for mentioning me! I am glad you are enjoying your bookmark! I will have to send you another one when I send Fourth Comings.

H said...

Well done for your first vlog! I liked it, it's always fun to see the books from other angles than the cover.

susan said...

Thanks for typing. I can't always access vlogs like now.

Reverie said...

ur soo cool!!! lol

great books. and wow i totally agree that there needs to be a happy book. i suffer the same fate. plenty sad books. my next happy books is Fragile eternity.. i think its a little happier. more love related but at least i wont be sobbing like say FOHT and wintergirls.

KB said...

Thanks for adding the print version! Helps when I'm trying to read and comment as much as possible. I look forward to seeing what you think about The Truth About Forever. I'm a Sarah Dessen fan. I also love Maureen Johnson. She is funny!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, yay for mentioning the Willow contest. I'm so glad Amazon got it to you pretty fast.

You had an awesome week. Whoohoo! I really want to read 13 Little Blue Envelopes. Looks good.


MssJos said...

Love the vlog! One day I will catch up with the times and add more technology to my blog! Looks like you got some great stuff! I really liked The Truth About Forever!


Little Willow said...

Congratulations on your first vlog!

13LBE is fun. I enjoy all of Maureen Johnson's books, as well as those by Elizabeth Scott and Sarah Dessen. Bloom is fantastic. The Truth about Forever is my favorite Dessen novel to date.

Thanks for commenting on my book bag post at the readergirlz blog. I replied to it over there, but in case you didn't see it: So Punk Rock is so fun. Keep your eye on Micol Ostow's website - - for updates and special things for SPR!

Lenore said...

Good books! You seem very comfortable on camera :)

Ravenous Reader said...

WOW!! I just loved your Vlog and I really appreciate the fact that you had typed out your list also. You had a great amount of books and they all sound amazing. And as mentioned before, there totally needs to be a happy book. I tend to put my books in the "freezer" when I am a bit scared of what I am reading and lately there has not been enough room..

Bookworm said...

Loved your vlog! Keep up the good work! (: (I totally sound like a kindergarten teacher, LOL).

The Story Siren said...

awesome blog!! you should def. do more!! i love that you listed everything too! and a good book week! I hope you love Willow!

Amy said...

gee, what great books! And keep doing the vlog things-they're so much funner:)
my question for you:
"What do you do in your spare time besides read?"

BookChic said...

Aww, thanks for the mention! Glad you like my vlogs! :)

And I love yours- vlogging is so much fun. It's great to see the people behind the book blogs sometimes! :) I hope you continue to do it.

Alea said...


You should read 13 Little Blue Envelopes and the Willow, that sound work yes?

prophecygirl said...

Great week! And nice vlog - good job! :)

Jessica Kennedy said...

Great job!
Two-Way Street was a good read.

Lisa Mantchev said...

Congrats on the vlog! And can I just say I am constantly blown away by the book blogging/reviewing community? You guys are all seriously shiny fabulous.


JRTR said...

I LOVE YOU! This was sweet! A little Erika glimpse to get me through the week.

My question: "How are you so awesome?"

Miss you. Can't wait to read Zombie Queen! It is on my list as soon as I finish the Roswell series (only two more to go)!

Thank you for my presents. Listening to Andy Hackbarth now. Yours is on the way soon!!!

Shalonda said...

Loved your vlog! It was awesome--especially for a 1st !

You have great hair and I loved the green color on the wall!

kc dyer said...

Great Vlog episode Erika Lynn! Looks like you've got some reading to catch up on...


Anonymous said...

I like the vlog because you get to SEE the books in 3D and such. I also bought Willow on Amazon. I should be getting it tomorrow. Also M. Zephyrs Notebook is one of my favorite books. I don't think it's a very well known book but it is so good and simple and cute and sad. I hope you enjoy it!

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