Friday, April 17, 2009

BEDA day 17: In Nikki's Head

There is a new blog that I wanted to share with you called In Nikki's Head. It is dedicated Meg Cabot's May 1 release Being Nikki. Being Nikki is the follow up to Airhead.

I am excited to see what this blog offers up because I am about to go on a serious Meg Cabot kick and read as many of her books as I can. More details in Sunday's In My Mailbox vlog so make sure you come back for that.

So far In Nikki's head has a contest, review and guest posts. Make sure you check in to see what else they have planned.


TexasRed said...

Excellent idea! Thanks!

Laina said...

I did that too a while ago. I read... oh, man, I can't even remember, it was like four or five in a few week period. I do that, though. :)

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