Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blog Every Day April

Maureen Johnson, author of such wonderful books as 13 Little Blue Envelopes and Suite Scarlett has created the Blog Every Day April challenge (from now on referred to as BEDA because that is less to type). And after much deliberation I decided to go for it. Many of my favorite bloggers are playing along. Korianne, Sharon, Sarah, Book Chic, John Green and Readergirlz just to name a few.
I was hesitant because at the end of the month I will be traveling to Boston for my college graduation ceremony and blogging then will be difficult but that is why I am going to be a good little blogger and make sure I have them prescheduled.
If you are interested in playing along check out Maureen's post for all the fun and info.


I commit to this idea and am determined to create something EVERY DAY in April, including weekends. Every day, I will find something to say. I embrace the reality that there is always something to talk about, if you are willing to take the time to look for it.

I _Erika Lynn_ promise to blog every day in April.

So, now a question for you, what do you want me to blog about? There is no way I can get a review/meme up every day so I need some fun topics that YOU want to read about. Have any questions for me? anything? help me out a little so you don't end up reading about my boring shifts at the restaurant or my obsession with sports!


Jessica Kennedy said...

Sounds fun! But I do not have the time to blog everyday!

How about a post about your favorite color and why it's your fav!

I'm not thinking too well right now or I'd have better suggestions!

Ladytink_534 said...

Looking forward to your posts! I really ought to do this to continue catching up on my reviews but I don't want to feel like I have to post a review every day. I just want to want to lol.

There are plenty of daily memes online. Here's a site devoted to them:

Amy said...

HAH! :) You got trapped into it too:)
no I'm jk, I actually already blog every day, and if you don't feel like writing, just post a random pic or something interesting you discovered...

Em said...

Yay, you're doing it too! I'll come cheer you on. :)

I also think it's going to be hard to come up with something to write every day. How about a post about what genres you like? Or maybe your top 5 favorite books? Or a literary crush? Just tossing out some ideas. And I love Amy's idea of a random picture.

good luck!

Korianne said...

Awe, you mentioned me... and I was first! You are awesome Erika Lynn! I think you should write a post about bubble blowing with your little sis! She sounds adorable! I am having a hard time thinking of topics for mine to, but if I think of more I will drop them by your twitter! Thanks again for being a faithful commenter!

Sarahbear9789 said...

I am so excited that you are doing this. Thanks for the mention.

Lenore said...

Maybe you could do a wishlist post. Those are always fun.

LisaMM said...

Good for you, Erika Lynn! I can't commit to it but I admire those who can!

Here are some topics- books you abandoned, books on your nightstand, books you thought were too long, books that you wished had a different ending, favorite book covers, strangest place you've ever read, books you've read on vacation, the first 'grown up' book you ever read, 5 things you'd rather do than read, things you wish you never had to do again so that you could spend more time reading (for me-that would be laundry), the best book anyone ever gave you as a gift, books you've given others as gifts.. I could go on all day, LOL.

girl jordyn said...

Blog about ninjas.

Carol(ina) said...

You can post about random things and reveal more about yourself. Maybe write posts about your fave books when you were younger and maybe how your reading habits have changed. :)

ed said...


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