Thursday, April 30, 2009

BEDA Wrap Up

Wow this was an exhausting month! BEDA started out innocently enough with Maureen Johnson suggesting she would blog every day in April and suddenly tons of bloggers jumped on the bandwagon. I jumped on and I have to say I actually was able to keep up with it! I am really proud I was able to keep up and really thankful to everyone who left encouragement throughout the month.
All my BEDA posts can be found under the BEDA label if you want to go back and see all the book posts...and some of the random posts too.
Now as I said in my last vlog things will be a little quiet for a few days while I am in Boston graduating college!!! This post was prescheduled but I can guarantee I am having a wonderful time with my amazing friends! There will be plenty of reviews and of course pictures from my trip when I get back. Congrats to all the lovely bloggers who also completed BEDA!

Also, as of writing this I have 99 followers! When I get back if I have hit 100 all 100 names will go in a hat and I will draw one to get a special prize. So grab that last spot!


Lenore said...

Congrats! I was also able to post everyday of the month.

H said...

Well done! I don't know how you did it :)

Beth F said...

I'm already following -- hope you get one more.

Wrighty said...

I very happily just became a follower so you now have 100! Yay hooray!

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