Friday, August 13, 2010

Somewhere in Middle America...

Hey everyone as you read this I am literally somewhere in middle america to quote The Counting Crows. I have explained on here before that I work in college athletics, well one of the baseball coaches I work with is getting married this weekend in Omaha, Nebraska and I am roadtripping to the wedding. Yes, thats right, I am getting up early Thursday, piling in to a car with three friends and hitting the road for a 20-hour trip. I will then spend two wonderful days in Omaha and come back on Sunday. This should be a hilarious adventure.

The best part is they are getting married in Rosenblatt Stadium which is one of the most historic ball parks in all of college baseball which makes me really happy. The College World Series has been played there for the past bazillion years and they are building a new stadium so this is one of the last events that will ever be held there!

So, I will be offline for a few days obviously and I wanted to leave you with this lovely song which I will be singing many, many times on the long drive.

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Michelle said...

Oh that is SO cool! How awesome for the coach (and I hope his bride?). I saw a CWS game there a few years ago, and I'm still sad that they're moving the game. Such a neat place and neat city - enjoy!

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